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StarChild Science posters, books, kits, and materials are affordable to any homeschooler or traditionally schooled child. Homeschooling parents and classroom teachers can design their own science programs that promote learning from direct experience and original sources. Our kits and science tools are inexpensive and simple. They guide a child and teacher to the essence of a particular energy being studied in a very simple manner. They are safe and easy to use.

There's evidence all over the place, at schools, hospitals, pediatric clinics, natural food stores, that points to the enormous potential for improving intellectual abilities (and health) through simple environmental and social intervention. Our social intervention is...
To read about our Teacher Contest go to: Get the word out with our beautiful Healthy Choices Flyers.  Add a flyer to your school or company and let your students and...
Each School District Light Kit contains: 30 prisms, flashlights, diffraction glasses, magnifying glasses plus 1 copy ebook-- StarChild Science: Teach Your Own. School districts and homeschooling groups are trying to catch light, bend it, and magnify the image of...
This easy-to-build SunEzoon Solar Car works outdoors in full sun or indoors under a bright incandescent light. Each kit contains instructions, solar panel with alligator clamps, motor, wheels, steel axles, gear font, chassis parts, and a cut-and-fold cover. Price...
You and your child can put this buzzer together in minutes. Make up your own messages then send them to a friend. Because it includes Morse Code, this kit will get your child's attention to the correct spelling of words. Learn Morse Code to send secret messages.
After you make a fan whirl around and around, ask your child if there are any fans in the house? In the garage? In daddy’s office? In the car? At the grocery store? At church? At the park? After you make a speaker speak, ask your child if there are any speakers in the...
This motor allows you to use an electric current to create the push and pull forces of magnetism that power wheels to turn around and around. This little motor is a model of the invention that is necessary to get you to school, to a birthday party, to the beach and to...
Each kit includes teepee material & string, pipe cleaners, Indian family, 2 bears, 1 deer, electrical circuit, compass and clay for modeling, one copy of the Indian Thanksgiving Prayer. Light up the American teepee with an electrical circuit. Your Indian family can...
What does the magnetic power feel like? Do you want to feel a force many times stronger than gravity? Get your child involved with magnetism.The magnetic force between two magnets is so strong you can actually feel it push and pull your hands all around the place. Keep...
Your very own microscope that has special eyes that can magnify images for you. When you look down the eyepiece of this microscope you can see structures inside rocks and pebbles that you can't see with your naked eyes. Maybe you will find real quartz in rocks that...
There are the Colobus Monkey, the hornbill bird, and the most colorful bird of the whole rainforest, the parrot, living in our rainforests. You can see these wonderful animals on our Suncatcher. Place it on your window and watch these animals catch the light of the sun...
StarChild Science Earth Kit contains: Styrofoam sphere covered with potting soil Sculpey clay for volcanos and mountain ranges colored tissue paper for lakes, oceans, meadows and valleys We all know how important a model of something is. A model is often used in...
Light Kit contains: 1 right angle acrylic prism (2 ½"), 1 pair diffraction glasses, 1 flashlight, 1 magnifying glass With this kit children can explore catching light, bending it, and magnifying the image of objects with the magnifying glass. All our prisms are...
Sponsors for our Healthy Choices Teacher Contest 2014 cover a huge range of companies and foundations. They range from health foundations, school (both public and private) foundations, public school districts, health insurance companies to health organizations, natural...

Healthy Choices Posters

When children experience how it 'feels' to begin to control their own lifestyle factors that affect their health, this is the beginning of their own medical destiny. Making healthy choices is the master lever for passing over major chronic disease epidemics. "What I want for my children is for them to understand they can have control over the quality of their food and the characteristics of different foods. I want them to yearn to taste the earthiness in a mushroom, the sweeetness in a beet. This poster image has given my children an opportunity to become more aware of what they are putting in their mouths," one mother recently wrote us. We are hearing from many parents now and they are all telling us the same thing: This poster image makes the whole effort toward good health so much easier than without this image. Michael Pollan's eater's manual entitled Food Rules includes images with every Food Rule. StarChild Science's Healthy Living Initiative includes our Healthy Choices poster and flyer image in its animations for families and teachers as well as in its products. Businesses are telling us that when they put their logo on our Healthy Choices poster or flyer, families always remember their efforts to keep children focused on making healthy choices.

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Chef Ann Cooper of The Lunch Box

Mini Heirlooms, Eggplant, Cantaloupe & More!



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The Gifting Earth is a free online system that enables its members to help each other through gifting and sharing.

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"The best French Country cuisine around."
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Take a break, sit in our garden, you’ll understand why it’s magical! – Suzka

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For an excellent paper on community see Dee Hock's paper on community. Dr. Wilken has presented Hock's thoughts in his Community of Minds web site.

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Read how to make fruit and vegetable gardening more fun and productive.

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Quinoa, Vegetables, Meats for Springtime
A variety of great ideas using quinoa and pairing it with many fresh vegetables from our local farmers, along with sauces and grilled tender beef steaks with a drizzling herb and onion sauce. Great quick and delicious ideas for busy cooks using as much local and fresh produce as possible. Dessert as well! And 3 wine pairings, printed recipe sheets, and lots of fun.

Monterey Bay Farmers Markets

Sand City of Monterey Bay celebrate their diversity as they open their community to art, music, dance and great delicious favorites. West End Celebration features local artists, world famous musicians, and commerce. in August of each year. It brings happiness, love and peace into a community while opening lines of communication between artists, merchants and musicians.

All about good food, good cooking, good company, and good health.

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