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Schools and garden centers help doctors in the fight against childhood obesity!

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Healthy Living Initiative

"The fate of our health is largely in our own hands." Dr. Nik Greenson expressed his concern about Monterey County's failure to reduce the obesity rate of its residents. "Diet and exercise clearly have an impact on life expectancy and overall general health." Local men show an increase in the disease of about 6% to about 34% in the past 10 years; the rate of the disease among local women rose by 3.2% to 34.4% overall. Those rates were nearly twice as high as those among men living in San Francisco, which led the nation at 18.3% for men and more than 14% higher than San Francisco's female residents. It's clear, Monterey county has big problems with reducing the rate of obesity. One thing we can all agree on is to let local restaurants know when their children's menus are unhealthy.

Popcorn Shrimp & Fries

·         Spaghetti & Meatballs

·         Hamburger or

·         Cheese Burger & Fries

·         Grilled Cheese Sandwich & Fries

Add a soft drink to this menu and you've got a date with an ER doctor or a coroner in the near future . Children can't eat like this and be healthy. It's a no-brainer to them. This kind of menu causes disease in children as well as adults. Each of these dishes is high in easily digested carbs. And to add a soft drink to this list is like adding a lit match to a pile of gun powder. See what happens inside our bodies when we eat foods that are high in easily digested carbs on our  potato in school lunches page. To read the stats where you can find out how the nation is doing with obesity rates see Jim Johnson's article Monterey County: We live longer, We're more active, but we also have obesity problems.

Parenting and Home Environment Influence Children's Exercise and Eating Habits



Lower School,
Carmel California 831-626-5200

Monterey Bay Farmers Markets

Wed. April 16, Thurs. April 17, 6-8 pm

Cooking with Nuts
Well, guess that could also be Cooking for Nuts, with so many meanings! I will be featuring a variety of nuts, seeds, dried fruits and more for your cooking and eating pleasure. These staple foods have been available for centuries, and now they are in the nutrition news daily as a Must Have Food. Gogi berries, lingonberries, almonds, walnuts, hemp seeds, chia seeds and more will be featured for springtime appetizers, main dishes, salads, vegetables and dessert! Come have some fun with nuts, berries, and seeds! Wine pairings also included.

All Saints' Day School
Carmel, California

Chef Ann Cooper of The Lunch Box

Take a break, sit in our garden, you’ll understand why it’s magical! – Suzka

425 Washington Street
Monterey, CA 93940

Read how to make fruit and vegetable gardening more fun and productive.

All about good food, good cooking, good company, and good health.

Roxanne B Sukol MD MS

Contra Costa Certified Farmers Markets

Home Furnishings/Art Gallery

S/W corner San Carlos & Sixth


Egret Series by Mary Kay King

Mini Heirlooms, Eggplant, Cantaloupe & More!


Sand City of Monterey Bay celebrate their diversity as they open their community to art, music, dance and great delicious favorites. West End Celebration features local artists, world famous musicians, and commerce. in August of each year. It brings happiness, love and peace into a community while opening lines of communication between artists, merchants and musicians.

Want to know more about solutions? Visit

For an excellent paper on community see Dee Hock's paper on community. Dr. Wilken has presented Hock's thoughts in his Community of Minds web site.

The Gifting Earth is a free online system that enables its members to help each other through gifting and sharing.

"The best French Country cuisine around."
Carmel, California

Palumbi Lab


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